The ipad3–specifications, features, outlook and design

By @ 04/04/12 in Ipad 3

The wait has come to an end. Apple has finally laid down the specifications and features of the new i-pad3. The ipad3 comes with a similar outlook and design as the ipad2, but has an enhanced retina screen with higher resolution, a process which is faster than the ipad2. It has also better connectivity features and mechanisms, a larger battery and longer battery life and a good camera.

The processor that has been used by apple for the new ipad3 is known as A5X. It is a dual core clubbed with quad core graphic processor. The operating system is ios 5.1 (Siri). The resolution of the new i-pad3 is commendable and is experienced with retina touch screen display with settings at 1080P and 9.7″ with 2048 x 1536 pixels. This enhanced resolution brings about a crystal clear view and visibility. The ipad3 is even having 40% enhanced color saturation as compared to that of the ipad2.
The connectivity of the ipad3 has been enhanced as well. The new model ipad3 includes 4G and LTE compatibility and capability. Wi-Fi is available on every ipad3 model. The ipad3 having 4G and LTE capability implies that it has a faster data transfer rate; although the battery may get strained in the process. A contract with a service provider such as Verizon or AT & T is also required for enabling the mobile wireless option.
The outlook of the new ipad3 is somewhat similar to its counterpart – the ipad2. The ipad3 has a 9.4mm thickness and is 1.5 lb in weight. It comes in a white or black casing with storage capacity of 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. The new ipad3 has been launched in the market and is available in countries namely US, UK, Canada, Germany, Japan and Switzerland. If you want to procure the ipad3 immediately, you may make use of the services of the Apple store in your neighborhood and preorder the device. This will save you the trouble of queuing up in front of the apple store.



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